US Visas From Thailand – Family Movement Choices

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There are numerous US Visas accessible for those trying to carry a friend or family member from Thailand to the US. Many individuals become overpowered by their Migration choices and the plenty of structures and desk work that accompany all the different visa classifications giving various kinds of movement benefits. Ideally this article will get up some free from the disarray and give some knowledge about the various sorts of Visas that are accessible to a US-Thai couple. The Traveler Visa A traveler visa is at times referenced when individuals discuss US Migration from Thailand since Thailand is not on the US’s rundown of nations that are qualified for a visa waiver. Thus, many couples attempt to kill two bird with one stone by both visiting the USA and leaving the chance open for a potential wedding and change of status to stay in the US. Note: While entering the country on a traveler visa, the visa holder is explicitly expressing that they have no aim to stay in the US as an occupant, lying about this comprises misrepresentation and can be culpable with jail and fines. It is not advisable to utilize a traveler visa on the off chance that one has outsider aim

The K1 Visa

The K1 Fiancée Visa is utilized for the people who are not yet lawfully wedded; however wish to go to the US with the end goal of marriage. The K1 is a crossbreed, visa in that it is a non-worker visa with a particular takeoff date, yet it leaves open the opportunities for change of status and ensuing super durable home.

Worker Mate Visas

The CR1 and IR1 Visa Bankervn are worker mate visas that give long-lasting home to the Thai life partner upon passage into the USA. The individuals who settle on outsider companion visas generally do so in light of the fact that change of status is not required after the Thai mate enters the US.

The K3 Marriage Visa

The K3 was once an extremely quick option in contrast to the CR-1 and IR-1 Visa in light of the fact that at one time it could require up to 3 years for a regular life partner visa to be settled. Presently the stand by time between the two visas is peripheral and it is even conceivable that a CR-1 settlement could complete before a K3. There are a few key purposes for the K3 as it very well may be utilized to scene shop. Implying that one can utilize the K3 to pick which Government office they wish to utilize, yet this is profoundly specialized and one ought to just endeavor to involve the K3 for discussion shopping after interview with a US Migration Lawyer.