Overview on Using Melanotan in Right Way for Skin Tan

Melanotan needs regular therapy methods. After starting this dosage, the regular maintenance will be needed until your desired skin tone gets achieved. You might now know how much time this can take for the results to come up. You only have to consume right dosage as well as have a little patience throughout this process.

Melanotan is accessible in vials with the sterilized seals. Inside vials is over 10 mg of the freeze-dried powder. The sterile water is required to reconstitute this powder before use. There’s the reconstitution vial that can be used for this. When you are done using this, keep vial in refrigerator to sustain the effectiveness.

Around 1 to 2 milliliters of the sterile water will be required, however you can improve its dosing accuracy just by using a little more water for diluting it. There’re peptide calculators online that will help you to measure right dosage amount as well as reconstitute in a right way.

How does the melanotan II function?

Melanotan II mimics action of the melanocortin peptides. And they are the natural hormones that are involved with the pigmentation, sexual functioning, energy homeostasis, immune system, inflammation, or cardiovascular system. Very much like its melanotan I, melanotan 2 stimulates production of eumelanin, and causing your skin to get a bit darker.

Melanotan 2 is generally administered in injection form of liquid below the skin, which will be given after every second day. The trials have also shown that tanning effect will happen within give doses.

You must just consume MT-2 via injection. Many suppliers online will try and sell MT products, which are simple to use, like oral medication, powders, or nasal sprays. All these products aren’t effective, thus do not waste your hard-earned money there.